Abrasive Cutting Equipment 

Abrasive Cutting Equipment
The G Lance 160M has been developed primarily for operational bomb disposal teams.
It is man-portable and remotely operable from a distance of up to 500 metres.

Utilising abrasive cutting, which provides spark-free, heat-free and deformation-free technology, the G-Lance 160M first gains entry to the target munition and can then flushes the explosive payload (depending on the fill type).

The G-Lance 160M comprises 3 main components; the Multipro cutting and flushing unit/side cutter, the power unit and the pressure vessel unit. It is supplied complete with a range of nozzle holders, clamps, reel mounted hydraulic and water hose, tool kit and consumable spares kit. The highest quality materials and manufacturing processes are used throughout.

The Multipro cutter and flusher/side cutter is placed in its operating position adjacent to the munition to be cut and flushed.
The power and pressure vessel units are sited in a safe working position with connecting hoses between the units, the water supply and the Multipro.
Garnet abrasive particles, suspended in a high pressure water jet, deliver accurate top or side cuts without compromising the safety of the operating team during these hazardous tasks.

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