Explosive Ordinance Disrupter 

Explosive Ordinance Disrupter
The Pigstick Disruptor is a well-proven item of equipment originally developed for the British Army as a means of disrupting thin-walled improvised explosive devices (IEDs). It is extensively used wordwide by bomb disposal operators and is designed to provide a high probability of avoiding the detonation or explosion of the suspect device. the Pigstick Disruptor is a multi-shot device, capable of many firings without any distortion of the main body and requiring minimum maintenance. Training of EOD Personnel can be carried out using the equipment without detriment to its performance. The Pigstick is positioned using an anti-roll clamp or an optional lightweight stand to ensure accurate positioning. It can be easily fitted to a remote operated vehicle (ROV). Preparation of the Pigstick can be carried out behind cover, or away from the vicinity of the IED to ensure operator safety.
The Pigstick is constructed from anti-corrosive precision-machined parts which are subject to rigid quality control during manufacture. The main body material is subjected to the flaw detection requirements of MFD601 before manufacture and overproof firing, and crack detection procedure prior to acceptance.
The Pigstick is supplied as a complete kit in canvas holdall with stitched pockets to secure all the items detailed below:
Split sleeve adaptor Contact cover Disruptor main body Disruptor rear body Water bottle Loading tool Cleaning brush Cleaning rod Screwdrivers Anti-roll clamp
Total Weight: 4kg
Barrel Overall Length: 485mm Weight: 2.95kgs
Holdall Overall size: 500 x 300 x 200mm
Weight: Canvas - Olive Green
Cartridges are supplied in multiples of 20 packed in an H83 Container complete with internal furniture pistons, closure caps and polythene bags.
NATO STOCK NO: 1385 - 99 - 207 -8890


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